The Garden Club of Mount Desert, Northeast Harbor, Maine
acadia national park conservation


The Garden Club of Mount Desert has focused on conservation since its earliest years, and one of our current goals is to have a conservation speaker at one meeting every summer. Club conservation projects over the years have included:

  • Support for the publication of Edgar T. Wherry’s Wild Flowers of Mt. Desert Island in 1928
  • Collaboration in planting and caring for Victory Gardens and canning garden produce for the island community during the war years in the 1940s
  • A Tree Symposium, and a lecture on the Rising Ocean Level — both events open to the public without entrance fees
  • Support and ongoing volunteer work at Rhoades Park Butterfly Garden in Southwest Harbor
  • Cooperative sponsorship of the 2010 publication The Plants of Acadia National Park, which won the Garden Club of America’s Sarah Francis Chapman Medal in 2012
  • Organization of and participation in a Garden Club of America Partners for Plants Project that provides ongoing monitoring of plants in Acadia National Park, including Boreal blueberry, Canada rice grass and Mertensia maritima, among others
  • Participation in GCA’s Garden History & Design Program in which special MDI gardens are researched, documented and photographed for the Archives of American Gardens at the Smithsonian Institution
Partners for Plants